“Now we’re colleagues!”

Last Tuesday, January 27th, I gave a short talk about my trip to Delhi. The game I talked about was my game against Rahul Sangma (which I described here), which I considered to be my best effort from Delhi. The audience wasn’t too big at the start (maybe about a dozen people?), but then grew to be quite large as the Tuesday Night Marathon crowd came in. I ran a little over the time limit, and so all the games started a few minutes late because of me. Oops.

Prior to that lecture, Sam Shankland, Josh Friedel, and I all received our official FIDE title certificates from John Donaldson. Sam got his IM title by tying for first in the World Under-18 Championship in Vietnam in 2008, while Josh and I both got our GM title certificates.

Here’s the picture, to commemorate the occasion:


After we received our certificates, Jesse Kraai, who completed his GM title in 2007, welcomed us to the club by saying “Now we’re colleagues!” I guess we’ve finally been accepted into the GM House …


One response to ““Now we’re colleagues!”

  1. Compare the facial expressions of Sam and Josh. Did they accidentally switch certificates?

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