Chess culture, or a lack thereof

At the Parsvnath Open in Delhi, there was a good amount of press coverage by Indian standards and massive amounts by American standards. Even the US Championship is not fit for print in most papers it seems, whereas in India, even minor tournaments can get some press coverage.

Because the Parsvnath Open is the biggest open event in India each year, as the tournament wound down, it received a few paragraphs of space on the front page of various Sports sections. And throughout the event, there were photographers, reporters, and some TV crewmembers taking footage of the event. Actually, there was one cameraman (Vijay Kumar) who got most of the top players to say a few words after all their games – I remember that I wasn’t so happy to talk about my loss in round 2 (to Sai Krishna) right away, but I obliged.

In any case, here’s a snippet from one Hindi daily about me:



3 responses to “Chess culture, or a lack thereof

  1. What the fuck is up with that font?

  2. That “font” is used by most of the languages of India – its the Devnaagari font that roughly a billion people on this planet use everyday. Ofcourse, dumb Americans would know nothing about that, would they now?

  3. He was probably kidding…

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