Samsonite Man

“They say I’m a rolling stone
Where I rest my head is my home,
I let it be known
that I’m a Samsonite Man”

I got back last week from my 2-month sojourn to Europe. I’ll recap the Cannes event in a couple posts over the next week or so, but for now, I’ll say that it didn’t end well for me. I started off with 4.5/6 and I seemed to be playing good chess – I had serious chances to beat two 2600+ GMs and I wasn’t in any trouble in my other games. However, in my next 3 games, I reached 3 better positions only to score 1 point!

I had higher hopes for this trip, especially after a shared first in Seville, but I only moved up from 2540 to 2549 FIDE for the March list. That’s still a career peak (along with a 2610 USCF rating), so it’s not all bad news …

For those interested in the song referenced above, here’s a link – it’s from one of the best hip-hop albums I heard last year:


One response to “Samsonite Man

  1. 2610? Holy Mother of God!?

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