“Critical Moments”

I’ve been writing weekly articles for chess.com since February 2009 (with some breaks for long tournament trips) – my 42nd article (for April 13th) for them is at: http://www.chess.com/article/view/critical-moments

This will be my last article, as I think I will be busy enough with the tournament in Metz, the US Championship, and then a busy summer schedule. The authorship of the Tuesday articles will pass to WGM Natalia Pogonina.


3 responses to ““Critical Moments”

  1. Vinay,
    Thank you for writing them as long as you have. I have found your articles to be far and away the most instructive on that site. The clarity of your explanations and the choices about which moves to make into “problems” are both excellent. I have benefited a lot from your articles and from a selfish perspective am sad to hear that there won’t be any more. Thanks very much for all your contributions!

  2. Dear Vinay,
    Your annotated games with training questions have been among the most useful and instructive articles at chess.com and will be greatly missed! Many thanks.

    I hope that you will continue to show your games here at your blog. I have one plea – supply a pgn please!

  3. Thanks!

    By the way, for the chess.com games, you should be able to generate a pgn of the file on the article page itself. In the final game viewer (with the entire game), you can click on the pgn button to convert the game file into pgn text. Then you can copy the text over into a blank game board in Chessbase and you have the game electronically.

    As for supplying a pgn on my blog, I’m a bit wary of doing so as I’m still an active player. Most of my games make the database as it is, but I’ve had a number of opponents tell me they use my blog to see some of my other games. If I provided everything in a handy pgn file, I’d make it a lot easier for all of my opening tendencies (and later strengths/weaknesses) to be analyzed.

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