Good Reading Material

We’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming after this brief message. I don’t normally read all the comments on Mig’s Daily Dirt site (usually his writing is witty and the comments are not), but occasionally there’s a diamond in the rough.

For starters, Dana MacKenzie has recently started doing some translations for Sergey Shipov’s chess website, Crestbook. Besides having a direct line to Kasparov (he was a very strong player and once part of Kasparov’s team), Shipov does great analysis and is really passionate about the game. There’s a long interview with Khalifman that Dana has translated now, which has a lot of interesting info in it. I guess the interviews show up under the “Articles” header.

Besides that, there are a number of translated interviews at Chess in Translation (done by mishanp, I don’t know his real name). These are with a number of top players, and they’re generally not fluff responses. It’s a real treasure trove of info that you don’t normally get, even from quality magazines like New in Chess.

I’ll get back to posting about Montcada in a day or two.

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