Wanted: A New Blog Title

In non-chess news, I’m no longer unemployed! I’ll be working at an online lead generation company in San Francisco, mostly dealing with classification and optimization problems. It’s rather different than what I did before winning the Samford Fellowship (when I was doing economic consulting), so it took a little while to make the transition into a new field in the current job market.

Now that I’ve accepted a job offer, I’m really in need of a new blog title. Any ideas?


4 responses to “Wanted: A New Blog Title

  1. Now that you are employed, “A Boring Fellow” sounds ok?
    Just kidding…

  2. “Chess leads ” but then ,why change a good and recognised blog name for a job ? !

  3. Yes, the name change does mean I might lose some readers looking for “An Unemployed Fellow.” But my site stats suggest that most are being referred or searching for my name, so hopefully those people will still find it.

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