Sad Face

Well, we have our first decisive game. The two players went into the 5…a6 Semi-Slav again, and Gelfand deviated with the expected 6.c5.  But Anand didn’t lose because of the opening (even though 10…c4 looks like a faster equalizer to me than 10…cxd4). He lost because he just played the middlegame poorly. I’m not sure he would avoided this result today even if he had switched openings.

Gelfand is now up 1 with 5 to play – can Anand break through with White? I think the idea that Anand was playing himself into form can be discounted now, but the gloves have to come off unless he wants to go down without a fight like Kasparov did in 2000.

Meanwhile, I’m walking around like this:


6 responses to “Sad Face

  1. Unshod Ashish


  2. Somewhat disappointed, but I’ll survive.

  3. Unshod Ashish

    I think this is the best chance we’ve had for a fighting match.

  4. Yup, I agree – like Leko said, it’s easier to play it safe with White when you’re under no pressure as Black or in the match. Not the case anymore.

  5. Unshod Ashish

    Meanwhile H-Bomb’s rating has surpassed Vishy’s. I think we need to observe a moment of silence.

  6. Yeah, although I guess now Anand is back at #5 for the time being after today’s craziness. Still not sure he’s the favorite in the match, but I suppose it’s a start.

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