The Unemployed Fellow is me, Vinay Bhat.  I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2006 and then went on to work as an analyst at Cornerstone Research (an economic and litigation consulting firm) for a little under 2 years.

In mid-May 2008, I quit my day job to become a chess player, helped along by the 2008 Samford Fellowship.  The Fellowship is designed to help provide financial support for talented American chess players under the age of 25.  Many thanks to the Samford family for their generosity and providing US chessplayers with such opportunities.

I started playing chess when I was about six-and-a-half years old.  At the age of  ten-and-a-half, I set the then-current record for becoming the youngest national master in US history, breaking Bobby Fischer’s record by two years.  (That record has since been broken twice, first be GM Hikaru Nakamura).  I played quite a number of tournaments while in elementary, middle, and high school, representing the US in nine different World Youth competitions with top five finishes on five different occasions.  I started to ease off the gas my senior year in high school and then almost never played in four years at Cal.

Now with the Fellowship in hand, it’s back to chess.

For those visiting, this isn’t strictly a chess blog, although as that is what I do now, it will likely revolve around that. When I can, I will post tournament updates from my own events, and I may occasionally mention other events going on.


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  1. Hello Vinay! Are you interested in working with Chess.com at all? :)


  2. Hi Vinay ! I sent you a mail to your chess club id , I am not sure if you read it . In case you are not able to place me – I am the Indian Girl who won the bronze medal in Paris ’96 ( U-12) . Looking forward to hear from you .

  3. Hi Vinay,
    Nice website that you have put up ! Very honest commentary on your games…particularly liked your games against Milman and Kraai !
    So how long are you in India – and any plans to come down South ?

  4. Ramin Farzaneh-Far


    Really enjoy your annotations. Great blog!


  5. Vinay Bhat!

    I figured out who you are! I am in st louis and watched nakamura win the us chess championship. I have video posted at youtube so you can check it out.


  6. Hi,
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  8. Cornelius Rubsamen

    Hi Vinay,

    great blog. I hope to see you at a west coast tourney some time soon.

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  10. Hello,

    The Marshall Chess Club is sponsoring a prestigious international tournament coming up in June that I thought you should know about- It’s called the New York International, and we’re trying to get the word out guerrilla marketing style- Any promo help you could give us in this regard would be huge.


    Greg from Brooklyn64.com

  11. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming screening of “Bobby Fischer Against the World” at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC on June 22nd. The screening will be followed by a discussion with author Frank Brady and blogger Dylan McClain and Brady will also have a book signing before the screening. I thought your readers in the NYC area might be interested.

    For more information on the screening, visit http://www.movingimage.us/visit/calendar/2011/06/22/detail/bobby-fischer-against-the-world.

  12. have you thought of creating a professional website? see http://adamredsox24.wordpress.com/

  13. What would change on a professional site? The only added benefit I see would be to have access to certain plug-ins, say to make games replayable for example. I’m not selling anything here and definitely not making any money off this blog.

  14. how to logout from chess boss.com??

  15. helLLo sir Do you providee online classes?if yes sent me in email naveenrajavenkatesh@gmail.com

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