Chess Articles

For almost a year under the Fellowship, I wrote articles for This page will mostly be an archive of those articles, although if something I’ve written pops up elsewhere, I’ll try and include that as well.

I mentioned a few of these articles specifically in my blog posts, but for the most part, they were published on without any additional fanfare here.


2/24/09            Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool me twice, Shame on Me

3/3/09              The Boa Constrictor

3/10/09            The Boa Constrictor, Part 2

3/17/09            The Learning Process

3/24/09            Hippocleides Doesn’t Care

3/31/09            The High Window

4/7/09              Spacebar and Opening Preparation

4/14/09            Trust in Trauma

6/9/09              Spicing up the Exchange French

6/15/09            Mating with Minor Pieces: Two Bishops

6/23/09            Mating with Minor Pieces: Two Knights

6/30/09            The 3rd Rank Barrier

7/7/09              Materialism, Opposite Colored Bishops, and Kasparov’s Theorem

7/14/09            Unleashed

7/21/09            Serenity Now

8/11/09            Run Over by Robson

8/18/09            Delusions of Grandeur

8/25/09            A Case for Playing the Main Lines

9/1/09              A Faulty Plan

9/8/09              Slow & Steady: The Endgame Grind

9/15/09            David Versus Goliath

9/22/09            How Not to Play for a Draw

9/29/09            Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

10/6/09            Bhatting Practice

10/13/09          The Battering Ram

10/20/09          Not All Draws are Boring

10/27/09          Growing Pains in the Opening

11/3/09            Defense Under Pressure

11/10/09          Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: Pawn Power

11/17/09          A Double Shot of Scotch

11/24/09          The Goal Line Push

12/1/09            Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

12/8/09            Rooks Ain’t What They Used to Be

12/15/09          The Art of Stealing (Part 2)

12/22/09          Building a Fortress

12/29/09          Calling an Audible

1/5/10              The Swiss Cheese House

3/23/10            Trial and Error

3/30/10            Fire on Board

4/6/10              The Not-So-Hanging Pawns

4/13/10            Critical Moments


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