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Artists at Work

I played in Cappelle la Grande in both 2009 and 2010, but I missed it this year. However, I did catch a few games from the TWIC daily game replayer, though, and a few caught my eye.

The first is from a game between GMs Aleksander Delchev and Davit Jojua from the last round. Jojua may have taken a few too many liberties with his development in the opening, and in the following position, he had just played 15…Qb6-b7 (after 13…Qd8-a5 and 14…Qa5-b6!):

(FEN: r3kb1r/1q3ppp/p1n2n2/3ppPB1/Pp6/1N1B4/1PP1QPPP/R4RK1 w kq - 0 16)

Black’s center is both impressive and rickety, but there isn’t an obvious blow to strike against the pawns. At the same time, if Black ever manages to develop properly, the pawns might cease to be a weakness.

So how should White proceed? I’ve known Delchev for a few years now and while chess “understanding” is a tough thing to pin down, this is one example that he seems to have it.

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