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Interview with IM John Watson on ChessFM

I did an interview this past weekend that was released yesterday on ChessFM. It was with IM John Watson for his weekly show called “ChessTalk.”

The full interview is available for ICC members here. You have to be a member to hear the whole thing, and if you’re not a current member, you can sign up for a free one-week trial that gives you access to the library of interviews.

Alternatively, if you’re not a member and don’t want to bother with the trial membership, there is a 10-minute free preview available here.


Good Reading Material

We’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming after this brief message. I don’t normally read all the comments on Mig’s Daily Dirt site (usually his writing is witty and the comments are not), but occasionally there’s a diamond in the rough.

For starters, Dana MacKenzie has recently started doing some translations for Sergey Shipov’s chess website, Crestbook. Besides having a direct line to Kasparov (he was a very strong player and once part of Kasparov’s team), Shipov does great analysis and is really passionate about the game. There’s a long interview with Khalifman that Dana has translated now, which has a lot of interesting info in it. I guess the interviews show up under the “Articles” header.

Besides that, there are a number of translated interviews at Chess in Translation (done by mishanp, I don’t know his real name). These are with a number of top players, and they’re generally not fluff responses. It’s a real treasure trove of info that you don’t normally get, even from quality magazines like New in Chess.

I’ll get back to posting about Montcada in a day or two.

Interview with Elizabeth Vicary

The interview can be read on her blog.

I gave this interview on Sunday, September 28th. It was posted online on Wednesday, October 1st. It most is about chess (both OTB and USCL play), but has me rambling on a lot more about politics and economics at the end.