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What Makes a Great Game

This is old news, but I somehow never got around to writing about this. Back in January, the Northern California Invitational took place in Fremont, CA. I was away in India at the time, but I had agreed beforehand to be the judge for the Best Game prize (the winner would receive a brand new iPad!).

When I got back, Arun Sharma (the tournament organizer) had a file of all the games ready. I started looking through the games the following day (Friday, Jan 13th) and I was supposed to email him with my decision by the end of the weekend.

I had never judged a best game competition before, but I didn’t think it would be especially difficult. In previous years with this tournament (when it was normally held in Berkeley), there were usually a handful of well-played, exciting games that really jumped out at me. Similarly, the USCL has long had Game of the Week (and Game of the Year) competitions; again, there always seemed to be obviously interesting games to choose from.

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