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Till I Collapse

Over at the Chess Mind blog (http://www.thechessmind.net/), there was an entry from March 9th about an interview with Judit Polgar (the interview is here). One of the two noteworthy items (according to Monokroussos) was her disgust over IM Maria Muzychuk playing “too long”, especially with regards to the “last two moves.” That seemed somewhat interesting so I took a look at the game.

The full game can be seen over at the chessgames site, with the small caveat that 38…Rb6 is almost certainly 38…Qb6. Otherwise Black could have resigned a lot sooner …

Just for reference, the position before the last two moves was:

(FEN: 8/5r2/1P2k3/8/1K6/8/8/3R4 b - - 0 62)

Black played 62…Rd7 here (and the game ended after White’s 64th move). Continue reading