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I for one hail our new computer overlords

I’ve been a bit lazy about blogging recently, but one ChessBase article from a day ago was worth a mention.

ChessBase hasn’t been particularly good with regards to chess news for some time in my view, but every once in a while, they still manage to get a good annotator for their games. The latest example of the new normal – poor annotations – is from their article about round 1 at the World Team Championships involving the game between GM Alexander Areshchenko and IM Samy Shoker.

(FEN: r3k2r/p4p1p/q2p1npQ/8/1pnRP3/1N3N1P/PpP2PP1/1K1R4 w - - 0 23)

Quoting ChessBase:

“Instead of taking an easy win with 23.Qg7 GM Alexander Areshchenko, rated 2682, blundered with 23.e5??

[23.Qg7 Rc8 24.Ne5]”

Wow, what’s next?

 “The fool didn’t see Ne5, how did he get to be rated 2682?”

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