January 2009 FIDE Ratings


Here are the rating changes of the current members of GM House:

GM Vinay Bhat: 2495 (-2 from 2497 in Oct 2008)

GM Josh Friedel: 2511 (+14 from 2498 in Oct 2008)

GM Jesse Kraai: 2506 (+4 from 2502 in Oct 2008)

IM Irina Krush: 2457 (+5 from 2452 in Oct 2008)

IM David Pruess: 2422 (no change since Oct 2008; no FIDE rated games)

We generally started working together more starting in December, so the fruits of those labors will show up in the next rating list (April 2009). At the Berkeley event, Irina was the only one to gain any points I believe.


One response to “January 2009 FIDE Ratings

  1. nice chart! :)

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